House arrest is just not for me

I went back into Hospital on October 14th for what should have been a routine one hour operation to remove my gall bladder. As is often the way with my life it was anything other than routine. Straightforward keyhole surgery was abandoned after 1.5 hours and invasive surgery was performed taking the time I was on the operating table to 4.5 hours. Any chance of leaving hospital that day went straight out of the window and it was 5 days later before I was allowed to leave. The scar is an interesting one and about 10 inches long. It is healing slowly and I am returning to some form of mobility however it will be some weeks before I can drive again.

I have to return to Hospital in another four days to have a minor procedure performed to remove the drains that are still in my stomach. I use the word minor with some trepidation as I have already mentioned it probably will not be minor and it will probably not be routine. Since arriving home my house has once again resembled Grand central Station and the numbers of well wishers and friends calling in has left me humbled. The Traveller was here for a week after I came home and then departed for the sunnier climes of The South of France. The day after he left my brother arrived and between them and Bean Counter I have been looked after really well.

Things I used to take for granted have required some help such as getting in and out of chairs and bed, simple things like loading a washing machine or picking up a heavy pan are a strict no no and even walking more than a few hundred yards tends to leave me exhausted. I have been told I will be fine in around six weeks or so but right now I find that hard to believe. An unexpected bonus of all of this is that I have not put any weight on and apart from the swelling in my abdomen I am looking lean and fit. In fact most people have said I look great until they see me struggle to get out of a chair or walk.

I have slept through a great deal of the time since I arrived home and news has been thin on the ground. Most of the events have just passed me by. I expect this will be the case until I no longer need any pain killers. BC has returned to work and my Bro returns on Sunday coming. I guess that is when I will find out just how independent or not as the case may be I really am. House arrest is just not for me!


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