How the hell do I top that?

Its damn late, well nearly 5 months late but finally here are the photos  from Halloween 2010. As a surprise and to top the action from last year I managed to hire a fire eater that I bumped into one day last summer. He was giving an impromptu performance outside one of the pubs not too far from my house and I asked him if he did private parties. Thankfully he said yes and I booked him there and then.  I had only told a small select group of people what I was planning and so when my my friends came along with the kids no one really knew what was happening apart from the almost obligatory barbecue and bowls of stew along with sweets for the trick or treaters. Mercifully it all went well no mishaps, the house did not catch fire, no kids were rushed to A+E  and a Jolly time was had by all. The photos I took really do not do the event any justice but hopefully they will give anyone who was not there a flavor of what the night was like. Those who were there need no reminding. The problem now is how the hell do I top that?


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